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Cardiff Airport Master Plan 2014

The development strategy for the Masterplan has been designed to be flexible enough to accommodate changes in passenger demand and carrier needs. The following principles set out a guide for expansion and improvement of the Airport that the Masterplan seeks to promote:

  1. A new ‘best in class’ terminal, focused on optimising the user experience and providing a distinctive welcome to be designed and orientated to allow interface with the Enterprise Zone and potential business and commercial developments;
  2. Replacement stands to be provided for a mix of aircraft, including contact and remote stands;
  3. A new cargo terminal;
  4. New dedicated road access to be provided for the terminal from the A4226, separating Airport traffic from other uses including the Enterprise Zone;
  5. Improvements to pedestrian and cycle access to and through the Airport site, including links to Rhoose and Barry;
  6. Future integration with the Metro with a safeguarded bus link as well as an improved, dedicated connection between the terminal and Rhoose Cardiff International Airport railway station, improving the transfer experience;
  7. Open space, public realm and landscaping improvements; and
  8. Safeguarded land for expansion.

Key features and design considerations include: 

International Gateway:

  • Deliver greater capacity to grow to three million passengers per annum and beyond
  • Attract new airlines, secure new routes and more choice for customers travelling to and from the region
  • Diversify the Airport business to create and develop opportunities for aviation, cargo, education, technology and innovation
  • Build upon our efficient, safe and secure 24/7 operation.

A Unique Place:

  • Create a public realm for the community to enjoy
  • Excite customers before they fly and those arriving to Wales, creating a sense of place and awareness of the Welsh culture
  • Link businesses across the Airport campus, supporting the region and Enterprise Zone
  • Support education with a place to learn and innovate.

New Terminal:

  • Enhance our unique identity as the gateway to Wales, creating a memorable first and last impression
  • Ensure ease of access for all
  • Enhance our customer experience with best in class facilities
  • Develop our ‘green’ credentials to meet our environmental and social commitments.

New 4* Hotel:

  • Develop the first on site hotel
  • Offer more choice in local accommodation for customers
  • Offer business meeting and conference facilities
  • Provide a convenient base for visitors to explore the region.


New Transport Hub & Car Park:

  • Offer greater travel choice for customers, the community and the Airport team; car, bus, rail, taxi, car hire and active travel
  • Offer an improved integrated transport facility
  • Develop a new multi storey car park close to the terminal building
  • Offer new services to enhance the customer experience.

Surface Access: Status:

M4 Severn Crossing toll removal: In progress                 

M4 Newport relief road: Proposed

M4 Pendoylan link road: Proposed

Five Mile Lane improvements: In progress

Great Western mainline improvement: In progress

South Wales Metro development: In progress

Rail frequency enhancements: Proposed

Express bus connectivity: In progress

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by jerry over a year ago

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